Donate Dinner

Donate Dinner

In 2017, thanks to our community partners and wonderful volunteers, Donate Dinner set an all-time record raising a total of $251,492!a

Exciting statistics:

  • 5 days 
  • 31 stores
  • 1,229 volunteers
  • 2,630 hours volunteered
  • $251,492 raised for seniors, equating to ~34,000 meals!

Many, many thanks to our community partners: New Seasons Market, Jamba Juice, Market of Choice, Lamb’s Garden Home Thriftway, Bales Thriftway, Bales Marketplace, Jim’s Thriftway, Powell’s Bookstores and Green Zebra.

Thank you all for coming together and keeping enthusiasm high throughout the event. It really made a difference this year.

Your efforts go a long way in enriching the lives of seniors in the community by providing food and social connections. Everyone should be proud. 

We look forward to another great Donate Dinner this year!


We are so fortunate to have the best volunteers, like you, who understand the important work we do for the community. Together we can change people's lives, one meal at a time.