Be a Store Greeter

Volunteer as a greeter for Donate Dinner and distribute cards encouraging holiday shoppers to "donate dinner" to a homebound senior when they check out. All it takes is a friendly smile and a short greeting!

Hi! If you would like to donate dinner to a homebound senior, please let your cashier know when you check out. Thank you!” 

The donation is added to the customer’s receipt, that can be retained for tax purposes. Shifts are only two hours long and you can sign up for as many as you like.

Donate Dinner takes place at 30 independent  grocery stores throughout the greater metro area the five days before Thanksgiving, Nov. 18-22.

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Find a store location below and click the link to register!

»»» The *red* icons indicate what stores need the MOST help! 

Interested in forming a team of Store Greeters to cover one store for an entire day?
Visit the Team Leader page!