Donate Dinner FAQ's

What does the *red* icon mean on the Store Locations Map? 

The store locations with a red colored icon on the map need the MOST help! 

What do Store Greeters do? 

Click here to view instructions »»»

When is Donate Dinner?  

Donate Dinner takes place during the five days before Thanksgiving: Nov. 18 through 22, 2017 (Chuck's Produce locations will open on Friday, Nov. 17, but closed on Saturday, Nov. 18). 

How old do I have to be to volunteer for Donate Dinner? 

We’ve found that high school age and older is best, unless accompanied by an adult. Youngsters sometimes get the best reactions from shoppers, so feel free to bring your children if they are eager to participate and you will be staying with them. 

How many people can come with me for my shift? 

Most shifts have openings for just two people since there is limited greeting space at most stores and this is a super busy time of year!

How can I see what shifts are open at the store where I want to volunteer? 

Click on the "Participating Stores" tab to view the "Donate Dinner Store Locations" map. Click on any store beacon within the map to find specific links to Team Leader and Store Greeter positions. The links will take you to the Volunteer Portal for the specific store. Scroll down the page and you'll see what shifts are still available.  

What if the day or time I want isn’t available at my choice of store? 

That means someone else has already reserved that day or shift. You can see what shifts are available on other days at that same store. Or, if you want to see what’s available at other stores, use the "Donate Dinner Store Locations" map to find links to specific stores.  

What if there’s nothing available on the day I want to volunteer? 

Send us an email and we’ll keep your contact information on a substitute list - if someone calls in sick or can’t get to their shift, we’ll call you the evening before and see if you’re able to fill in for them.  

What if I want to be a Team Leader and adopt an entire day -- but the store and day I want says "Full"? 

That means another Team has already reserved that day. Please select another store or day for your team.

Can I sign up for more shifts, without having to re-enter all my information? 

Yes! Once you’ve completed the registration for your first shift, you can select to sign up for additional shifts at any store that shows a "Sign Up" button.  

Is a background check required to volunteer for Donate Dinner? 

No. When creating an account on the Volunteer Portal, the background check questions that you will answer will not apply to you, or prevent you from signing up!  

Why do you need my cell phone number? 

We need your phone number so that we can call you and remind you of your shift, and also so we can let you know if there is change to the schedule. 

What if it’s snowing or icy on the day I’m signed up to volunteer? 

If you don’t feel it’s safe to come to the store, then please stay home - but let your Team Leader know. You’ll get that person’s phone number when you get your reminder email a few days before Donate Dinner or email us. 

What if I get sick or have an emergency and can’t come for my shift? 

Your reminder email will include the phone number of your Team Leader and also a staff member at Meals on Wheels People. Please let us know as soon as you realize you’re not going to make it, and we’ll try to get a replacement.  

What will you do with my email? 

We will send you a reminder email a few days before Donate Dinner starts. This will have up-to-date information that will help you have a good experience when you volunteer. We would also like to send you the results after it’s all over, and keep you informed of other news about Meals on Wheels People. You always have the option of “opting out” if you’d rather not hear from us after Donate Dinner is all over. 

Why do you want my birth date? 

Some of the grants we receive ask for demographic information about our volunteers. It’s very helpful if you’ll provide this for us, and it will not be used for any other purpose.

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